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How do smart thermostats work in Augusta?

December 12, 2022
close up with a smart thermostat with an orange background

Consider having the ability to direct your home’s temperature by saying a short phrase or by going to an app on your mobile device. Now, take it a step further and envision having something that will actually detect your preferred settings and automatically adjust. As you will see, smart thermostats are pretty amazing pieces of technology that are able to add a new level of convenience, energy savings, and even safety to your home. Keep reading to understand how they work and what they might do for your property.

How do smart thermostats compare to traditional models?

In spite of their special capabilities, smart thermostats operate in a similar fashion to regular styles. Namely, they are wired right to your heating and cooling system. You are also able to manually raise and lower the temperature by interacting with the device attached to your wall. But that’s pretty much where the commonalities finish.

Augusta smart thermostats connect to your home’s wireless internet

The major difference between smart thermostats and standard types is that they bond to your property’s Wi-Fi network. This introduces a wealth of exciting capabilities such as smartphone accessibility and control. Generally speaking, you are able to alter your comfort settings from wherever you are. Did you not remember to decrease the heat when leaving on a trip? Don’t worry about it. Simply go to the convenient Vivint app on your cell phone and quickly change it. There are various other things you can do with the app, including:

  • Switch between HVAC modes
  • Change your system to a specific mode like vacation, home, or sleep
  • Activate or deactivate your fan
  • Obtain notifications whenever settings are automatically or manually altered

Alter the temperature by simply saying a command

Your wireless connection gives you another great advantage as you may sync your device to a Google or Amazon smart speaker. If you’re trying to stay comfy on a frigid mid-winter night and you don’t feel like leaving your toasty place on the sofa, just give an order like ”Alexa, turn the heat up two degrees”.

Vivint Smart Thermostat actually adjusts on its own

The Vivint Smart Thermostat will take convenience to a new level by turning to its built-in Smart Assistant. When integrated into your smart home, the thermostat is able to use a range of sensors and other functionality like geolocation to determine if you’re home or away. Additionally, this intelligent device will actually learn your preferences and change settings correspondingly. For example, if you typically prefer the house a bit cooler in the evenings, the thermostat will take note and adjust it for you.

Integrated safety precaution in case of fire

The automated functionality also plays a role in your safety. The Vivint Smart Thermostat includes an emergency shutdown of your heating and cooling system when fire is detected to control the spread of flames and smoke. You might also have it instantly activate the exhaust fan to aid in venting your property.

Reduce your energy expenses in Augusta

Your smart thermostat’s ability to adjust temperatures on its own and your ability to change them from a distance isn’t just nice to have, it’s a plus for your bank account. If you adjust the settings up to 10 degrees for when you’re not there, you are able to save a good deal - up to 10% on energy costs.

Get started on your own Augusta smart home

Since you now have more insight into how smart thermostats work in Augusta, it’s time to bring one into your property. The Vivint home security professionals are here to assist. Simply call (706) 780-3805 or fill out the form on this page to start.