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Find answers to questions about smart homes in Augusta

November 28, 2022
Close up security home system app on a smartphone.

You’ve overheard your friend mention how he has the ability to activate his light bulbs with a spoken command or set his thermostat to adjust automatically. Needless to say, you’re interested in knowing how smart homes work and if they are able to make a positive impact on your daily routine. To assist you in gaining a better understanding, here are answers to a few frequently-asked questions about smart homes in Augusta.

How do smart homes work in Augusta?

All of your smart devices like lights, locking systems, HVAC controls, and surveillance equipment all have a notable commonality - they must be linked to the internet. This online networking gives them the chance to be controlled without physical contact with tools like a voice-operated speaker, central hub, or your phone’s app. Your components can even communicate with one another. To illustrate, if your outdoor surveillance discerns a disturbance, it can prompt your lights to come on.

You might hook up a couple connected lighting elements and a voice-operated speaker and decide that’s enough for your smart home, but why settle for that? Instead, go with a fully integrated system with connected lights, surveillance, thermostat, and more. Continue on to see why this option offers the greatest benefit.

How can a Augusta smart home enrich my life?

It’s understandable if you’re a little skeptical. Flipping a light on through your smartphone is great, but you likely are curious if your Augusta smart home will genuinely benefit you. As it turns out, it can, and in ways you might not have considered.

  • Protection: Consider having doors that automatically lock at specified moments or cameras that is able to deliver video notifications when suspicious movement is observed? Components like Vivint’s outdoor cameras even contain incorporated methods of deterring unwanted guests. Smart homes have a definite leg up in regards to upgrading your home’s protection.
  • Control: Since your tools are linked to the internet, results in you being able to control them from any location. Didn’t remember to shut off your lighting? No problem. Just utilize the intuitive Vivint app on your mobile device and take care of it.
  • Usefulness: Make your life easier by having your smart lights and locks on a schedule. You are even able to perform a range of tasks with voice commands and a connected smart speaker.
  • Efficiency: If you put lights and temperature settings on programs and have the chance to control your components remotely, you can considerably lower energy expenses.

Should I opt for 24-7 monitoring with my smart home?

Smart home access and convenience are great, but what will transpire in the event of an emergency? If you have 24-hour monitoring, those networked components that send you alerts also alert your monitoring team. This lets you direct your attention on your family while the experts call first responders. The benefits of monitoring are even more impactful if something occurs when you’re out of town or at work. Like most things in life, it’s always a wise move to have somebody looking out for you.